30159996“Damn, I’m going to be late for work!” Shanice said, as she took her last sip of her freshly made hazelnut coffee. ” “I wonder how I lost track of time?”
I had just enough time to finish my coffee and grab a glazed donut on my way out the door. I got in my Chrysler 300 and sped downtown to my office, where I work as an accountant.  I had only thirty minutes left before I got off work to go to Money Splash. I headed down south on King Street, exited Bobo Street, and made a right on Princeton Avenue.
I made it just in time–with one problem: the only other person there was Tasha. I have no problems with her, but since I’m f*****g her husband, Brandon, I stay far away from her as possible.
Tasha is 5’11” with pearly whites, and neck-length hair, that she wears in different styles. She’s dark skinned, but she puts on a ton of heavy make-up. One thing she does have is a bangin’ body. I met her boo thang through a co-worker.

To be continued…

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You’re not competing with anyone but yourself.
A lot of things have changed over the years, as they would, because nothing stays the same forever. But as I log into my social media accounts everyday, I see inspirational quotes, random posts. relationship advice, and A LOT of competing, which to me seems like open house because you’re competing with each other, like sisters you’ve never wanted. Competing to me seems like a bad grade that’s a blow to your self-esteem.

You compete to be the best of them, but you’re not even  a member. To be happy with yourself in a world full of naysayers, don’t trust a female that calls everyone her best friend. Everybody’s in competition  in one way or the other, whether it be applying for the same job, playing on a sports team, or running a race… etc. etc. When you compete with others you’re incomplete, but when you compete with yourself you’re complete. It’s like taking a selfie and using the mirror effect, that’s twice your competition.  If you want to out due someone out due yourself and your past self.

AND with that said…

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UntitledI remember when I was 8 years-old, I had the worst unfriendly relationship with God, not knowing anything about him at that age, but what I was told, like he delivers if you believe..etc, etc. I always cussed him, said I hated him and all sorts of ungodly things. I never understood at that age why I went through what I went through, but now that I’m older it seems to make sense and it’s more clearer than before. I still have the same thoughts as I did then, but with more understanding. Life is like a test…no matter how you prepare for it, you’ll never get the same results, it brings us a lot of unexpected change, and sometimes it doesn’t fit perfectly into right or wrong. Some of us will never know or understand why the things in our life happen, whether it good or bad. God has written our happy ever after, and while some will not be able to experience it here on earth, like my little brother and sister that I have lost…one to gun violence and the other to a brain aneurysm, I still remain hopeful through it all. I know now that things happen for a reason, whether it makes sense or not.

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He Can’t Find You Because You’re NOT HIDDEN !!


He that findeth. Some of you understand what that means. For the ladies who don’t get it, Miss More Roses is about to break it ALL the way down for you.

Believe it or not, Black men are actually saying that they can NOT find a woman in this dating environment of 12 women to ONE man. Men are actually single, good black men. Men are SEXING all over the place, but they are single. Why? Because they can’t FIND (key word FIND) a woman, a GOOD woman. You see, men are hunters, searchers and seekers. Men love the challenge of finding hidden treasure. The reason that they can’t find you is because you’re not hidden. There is no mystic or mystery about you at all. There is nothing to “discover” or search for. Your boobs are on the table, your butt is showing and your vagina is laid out on the 3re date for easy access. You can’t be found, because you don’t hide. You’re not chased, because you NEVER run. You’re not won, because you’re not the PRIZE.

I am ready for the all of you who will say that this is “playing games”. I GOT YOU, LOL.

Well, my dear…dating is a game and you are getting played. Not wanting to be “boxed” into a role, wanting to take charge, be aggressive, sex like a man, get your “NEEDS MET”…get attention by any means necessary, you are LOSING the game that you don’t want to play. Steve Harvey said “Think Like A Man”…the common sense translation is UNDERSTAND HOW MEN THINK. Understand why in this day and time so many BLACK MEN ARE SINGLE, but getting so MUCH SEX. They don’t even have to LOOK for sex anymore, what they’re looking for is LOVE, relationship and the Michelle to their Barack. A lot of men don’t give you their “BARACK” because you act and look like LIL KIM, so you get LIL WAYNE. A man can DOG you or love you depending on the behavior that YOU provoke. Queens, you seem to have LOST the understanding that YOU are in control. Allow a man the time to FIND out who you are before you give him access to the PRIZE. Allow him to seek, search and discover your heart, your personality, what’s under your skirt, UNDER your skirt..pull it DOWN and pull your panties UP.
I posted this picture because it is one of the sexiest pictures I have ever seen. Silent and alluring and mysterious without being SEXUAL, Slutty and OVERT. It entices a desire to discover that which is hidden.

For GOD’s SAKE ladies…HIDE SOMETHING. Nobody leaves their valuables lying around or on display. Put them in THE SAFE. Keep your emotions SAFE, your heart SAFE, your love is a TREASURE, your VAGINA is a treasure. Let a man SEEK and FIND YOU….
The one that doesn’t SEEK is not looking for TREASURE. Trash is everywhere…let him have it… be the TREASURE !

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“EveryThing Must GO”!

ImageWhen dating a guy, we unconsciously put ourselves on a “clearance” rack…thinking our value will go up, based off what we have on the “rack” …Guys are visual creatures, so yes, they are interested in a cheap sale. But men are interested in value and what they can profit from it. So when dating and trying to choose a potential mate…make sure he’s someone who can profit and gain and not someone who can devalue a cheap sale! Prices will ALWAYS change but your value of yourself, will NEVER! Raise your value, not your RACK!

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A Boyfriend is Simply A Man Who Hasn’t Chosen You YET –

ImageOK…. Why do so MANY miss the POINT of this STAT ? The point is that SINGLE is SINGLE and married is married. That’s the POINT. TOO MANY women do MARRIED things with SINGLE MEN…a BOYFRIEND is a single MAN and you are in the DECIDING, getting to know each other stage, which is FINE…but RECOGNIZE where you ARE and behave accordingly. The convenience part means that most men are REAL comfortable with consistent convenient SEX and feel no urgency to commit or enter into a covenant. There is nothing wrong with a BOYFRIEND, just stop acting like you’re his WIFE.

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A Mother, Trying To Be A Mother Cont;

ImageThe guy she met in the early 2000’s, showered her with hopes and broken promises, but she didn’t really care because he was always there. He gave her attention that made her think he loved or wanted to be with her. He used all avenues to to go down to make her believe that she was worthy.

Everybody in her circle knew she wasn’t because she was doing hoe-ish things to be accepted by guys. He even drifted at some point to another woman, because she didn’t respect herself. He use to slap, and pull her hair, because she wanted more and thought there will be more. He verbally, physical and emotionally abused her because he knew she was vulnerable and felt if she would accept that, she would be at his feet. Basically, thinking she needed him. In so many ways,  she did. More so with validation and the sake of somebody being there, than anything else.

She had a baby by this man a year or so later and wasn’t able to take care of him (her baby) because he (her baby’s father) wasn’t around…she tried the best she could based off what she knew, but couldn’t, so her baby was brought into DCFS at the age of 3 months. She was devastated but still did everything in her powers to get him back. But after a year of trying she went on and terminated her rights because she knew what her baby had she couldn’t give him at the time.

She went on to endure the same abuse by other guys and had babies by them as well. She then started to abuse her kids because she was abused by their fathers. She always vowed she will never hurt her kids like she was hurt, but did…unconsciously. She let her kids down but more so herself. Again, the cycle has repeated itself and her other two kids were taken by DCFS. She tried to get them back, but to no avail it was declined. Now she has three kids in the system that she can never get back and is able to only still see one.  Moral of the story….Never let yourself, get in your way!

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