05 Sep

ImageLil Jo Jo a 16-year-old Chicago rapper, who famously rapped about being part of the gang “BDK” (Black Disciples Kings) was shot 17 times on Tuesday. And is now deceased.

Hours before the young rapper was shot down, a video emerged of Lil JoJo riding by his rival Lil Reese, who is apparently linked to popular Chi-town rapper Chief Keef. Jojo taunts Lil Reese to which Lil Reese responds, very clearly, saying “I’m gonna kill you”. Obviously, that is what he did. Either that or someone else had it out for Lil Jojo. Either way, He had hella enemy’s. After his death, His rivals went to twitter bragging about KILLING him and claiming his twin brother will be next.

smh Rap Life aint THE LIFE!

Now, after going to the you tube videos, that were made and his twitter, facebook. etc.  And seeing all those negative comments. I was appalled to see people be so cold…Basically not giving a f*** about a young child’s life. Despite the life he choose to live doesn’t mean to keep having him live that life in vain.

I lost my Lil brother to gun violence 1 year ago,  due to alleged Facebook beef. And I saw negative comments about his death. One in particular that was very insensitive and also  one that stood out to me “Take a Dirt Nap”  Yeah,  so I guess anothers life is not important to these animals out in these barns.

But what I do know is…While you’re out here doing the barn yard dance and having no regards for another persons life and bragging…Best believe,  it aint nothing to the man upstairs to bring your a** downstairs. He sees evil and he hears it, so you better hope you’re not next on the slaughter table!!!!

When Keeping it Real Goes WRONG!

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