A Guy Scorned with Careful Intentions

27 Nov

ImageAs I approached my computer to write this blog…I get a knock on the door and it’s a short guy with a drink in one hand and careful intentions in the other. I then open my door and ask…”What do you want” he then replies.. “I want to ask you a question” and I said “Ok” he then proceeds with a sip of his drink and says…”I want to be with you” and to my surprise I respond with…”why” and he responds with..”why not”

Now giving these circumstances that I have been dealt. I have never been interested in this guy in the least. I was the woman who just  always had small talk when we crossed paths. He always felt we had good conversations, which was true, but the conversation were in no way of interest.

So with that being said…I gave him a chance and things were going good in the beginning, but like they say…”The beginning is always a honeymoon stage” which I have found out to be true. As days and weeks go on I feel things are starting to digress in our journey to “relationship land”

As I further approach the situation…I feel more and more pushed back.

He then starts to talk about his baby moms and his ex wife, but more of his baby moms since they just ended a relationship…months before me. Now me being the kinda woman that I am…I listen. I see no harm in knowing about someones past relationship experiences being as though it will help you understand them as a person.

As I try to begin to understand his struggles I start to begin more and more of his need of complicating my mind.

The moral of this short story is…No matter the situation or person, always keep your ears open and your eyes even wider.


P.S  This is my first short story…so if you can, leave comments, advice etc.  below.  I love criticism…compliments get me no where.

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