11 Kids Betrayed Cont; Kids Taking Care of Kids

01 Dec

Image Her 3 kids who were 4, 3, and 2 at the time, fended for themselves, because she was out in the streets taking care of her drug habit, and guys that sorta contributed to her drugs,  instead of her kids. Her kids were with no food, clean clothes, a safe, clean environment to stay or any water to drink or take a bath in.

There were times her kids were sleeping and bitten by “RATS” because the place was so filthy. They had no one in their immediate family that would take them in, because they were not willing to take on anyone Else’s responsibility.

This is a situation they were not prepared for. ( why should they be? right) They were kids having to grow up too fast,  and be adults at a young age. Times got worse when they were forced to eat out of the garbage and off of the ground, because they were so hungry. Forced to walk the lonely streets of the West Side of Chicago…looking for their mom because they were scared… left in the cold, food less house alone.

She would come back to her kids days later…just to beat them, because she was beat or treated bad by the guys she choose over her own kids. Guys that don’t love or value her. So with everything getting worse, a family member did see the kids outside…roaming around in the streets one day. And she took upon herself to contact DCFS. And from there they became victims of the system instead of the unloved struggle.

They have encountered a lot of abuse from other people in the homes they were in…ranging from rape, physical, emotional, and mental abuse.  No one seemed to give them the love they were seeking.  Pure hell from this point on. And years later, she had  8 more kids,  who had to be put in the system also, due to her continuous drug use.

When they all turned 21, they were thrown to the unknown world,  and basically had to learn everything on their own…from relationships, to being a mother etc.  (The hard way) It definitely was a trying experience for them…being as though they had a unloving childhood. They seemed to maintain their life… and never slip into a life like their mother. And ’til this day,  they all (as far as the siblings)  stay in contact…and their mother is back in their life, but it’s not quite a welcome home party for her.

All is forgiven, but not forgotten!

P.S Sorry, this story is kinda long. I summed it up as much as I could.

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