A Mother, Trying To Be A Mother

07 Dec

ImageAs a little girl, Tasha had no parents, no child hood or any kind of adult guidance. She was the kind of child, that wished hell didn’t exist. But knew it did because of what she experienced. It’s a life like this, that will make any child wish they had love, and they didn’t care how they got it (or knew) just wanted it by any means necessary. But as she grew into an adult, the love she was seeking wasn’t right, but it was accepted.

Tasha had been in the likes of a lot of guys and friends she thought accepted her for her, but  her not knowing friendships or relationships, she was unaware but they weren’t. The played on her insecurities, lack of self respect and love,  she was never shown.

As life continued on for her, she encountered guys that used her for sex, but she wanted and thought they were relationships. She made no qualms of ending their casual meetings. She couldn’t or wouldn’t shake her psychological chains of slavery to her self.

She felt as long as she was getting some kind of attention, it was love. She had good people in her life (as far as adults) that helped her along the way…Well, as much as they could, even though the scars she endured emotionally kept spreading. Her life was a book untold…Verbally.

She got raped by a guy in late 90’s and had to get an abortion, because she felt if it wasn’t consensual, she wasn’t going to keep it. She never told anyone, but she decided to end the brief encounter with the guy whom raped her.

Later on in the early 2000’s,  she met another guy whom showered her with hopes and promises…

To be Cont;

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