He Can’t Find You Because You’re NOT HIDDEN !!

04 Mar


He that findeth. Some of you understand what that means. For the ladies who don’t get it, Miss More Roses is about to break it ALL the way down for you.

Believe it or not, Black men are actually saying that they can NOT find a woman in this dating environment of 12 women to ONE man. Men are actually single, good black men. Men are SEXING all over the place, but they are single. Why? Because they can’t FIND (key word FIND) a woman, a GOOD woman. You see, men are hunters, searchers and seekers. Men love the challenge of finding hidden treasure. The reason that they can’t find you is because you’re not hidden. There is no mystic or mystery about you at all. There is nothing to “discover” or search for. Your boobs are on the table, your butt is showing and your vagina is laid out on the 3re date for easy access. You can’t be found, because you don’t hide. You’re not chased, because you NEVER run. You’re not won, because you’re not the PRIZE.

I am ready for the all of you who will say that this is “playing games”. I GOT YOU, LOL.

Well, my dear…dating is a game and you are getting played. Not wanting to be “boxed” into a role, wanting to take charge, be aggressive, sex like a man, get your “NEEDS MET”…get attention by any means necessary, you are LOSING the game that you don’t want to play. Steve Harvey said “Think Like A Man”…the common sense translation is UNDERSTAND HOW MEN THINK. Understand why in this day and time so many BLACK MEN ARE SINGLE, but getting so MUCH SEX. They don’t even have to LOOK for sex anymore, what they’re looking for is LOVE, relationship and the Michelle to their Barack. A lot of men don’t give you their “BARACK” because you act and look like LIL KIM, so you get LIL WAYNE. A man can DOG you or love you depending on the behavior that YOU provoke. Queens, you seem to have LOST the understanding that YOU are in control. Allow a man the time to FIND out who you are before you give him access to the PRIZE. Allow him to seek, search and discover your heart, your personality, what’s under your skirt, UNDER your skirt..pull it DOWN and pull your panties UP.
I posted this picture because it is one of the sexiest pictures I have ever seen. Silent and alluring and mysterious without being SEXUAL, Slutty and OVERT. It entices a desire to discover that which is hidden.

For GOD’s SAKE ladies…HIDE SOMETHING. Nobody leaves their valuables lying around or on display. Put them in THE SAFE. Keep your emotions SAFE, your heart SAFE, your love is a TREASURE, your VAGINA is a treasure. Let a man SEEK and FIND YOU….
The one that doesn’t SEEK is not looking for TREASURE. Trash is everywhere…let him have it… be the TREASURE !

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