A Mother, Trying To Be A Mother

ImageAs a little girl, Tasha had no parents, no child hood or any kind of adult guidance. She was the kind of child, that wished hell didn’t exist. But knew it did because of what she experienced. It’s a life like this, that will make any child wish they had love, and they didn’t care how they got it (or knew) just wanted it by any means necessary. But as she grew into an adult, the love she was seeking wasn’t right, but it was accepted.

Tasha had been in the likes of a lot of guys and friends she thought accepted her for her, but  her not knowing friendships or relationships, she was unaware but they weren’t. The played on her insecurities, lack of self respect and love,  she was never shown.

As life continued on for her, she encountered guys that used her for sex, but she wanted and thought they were relationships. She made no qualms of ending their casual meetings. She couldn’t or wouldn’t shake her psychological chains of slavery to her self.

She felt as long as she was getting some kind of attention, it was love. She had good people in her life (as far as adults) that helped her along the way…Well, as much as they could, even though the scars she endured emotionally kept spreading. Her life was a book untold…Verbally.

She got raped by a guy in late 90’s and had to get an abortion, because she felt if it wasn’t consensual, she wasn’t going to keep it. She never told anyone, but she decided to end the brief encounter with the guy whom raped her.

Later on in the early 2000’s,  she met another guy whom showered her with hopes and promises…

To be Cont;

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11 Kids Betrayed Cont; Kids Taking Care of Kids

Image Her 3 kids who were 4, 3, and 2 at the time, fended for themselves, because she was out in the streets taking care of her drug habit, and guys that sorta contributed to her drugs,  instead of her kids. Her kids were with no food, clean clothes, a safe, clean environment to stay or any water to drink or take a bath in.

There were times her kids were sleeping and bitten by “RATS” because the place was so filthy. They had no one in their immediate family that would take them in, because they were not willing to take on anyone Else’s responsibility.

This is a situation they were not prepared for. ( why should they be? right) They were kids having to grow up too fast,  and be adults at a young age. Times got worse when they were forced to eat out of the garbage and off of the ground, because they were so hungry. Forced to walk the lonely streets of the West Side of Chicago…looking for their mom because they were scared… left in the cold, food less house alone.

She would come back to her kids days later…just to beat them, because she was beat or treated bad by the guys she choose over her own kids. Guys that don’t love or value her. So with everything getting worse, a family member did see the kids outside…roaming around in the streets one day. And she took upon herself to contact DCFS. And from there they became victims of the system instead of the unloved struggle.

They have encountered a lot of abuse from other people in the homes they were in…ranging from rape, physical, emotional, and mental abuse.  No one seemed to give them the love they were seeking.  Pure hell from this point on. And years later, she had  8 more kids,  who had to be put in the system also, due to her continuous drug use.

When they all turned 21, they were thrown to the unknown world,  and basically had to learn everything on their own…from relationships, to being a mother etc.  (The hard way) It definitely was a trying experience for them…being as though they had a unloving childhood. They seemed to maintain their life… and never slip into a life like their mother. And ’til this day,  they all (as far as the siblings)  stay in contact…and their mother is back in their life, but it’s not quite a welcome home party for her.

All is forgiven, but not forgotten!

P.S Sorry, this story is kinda long. I summed it up as much as I could.

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11 Kids Betrayed

ImageOn the West Side of Chicago, there was a 17 year-old young lady who was lost as to who she was as a young woman. She had parents whom were struggling financially, but still found a way to make ends meet. When things got hard for her parents to maintain the upkeep of their life and their child’s life, she began to find ways to support herself.

She then met a lot of guys along the way, but lets just say,  guys that were not in the market of supporting her financially. They had a way of making a lost girl be found in her own world. She begun to accept all BAD that was offered to her, even if it meant her self respect. They introduced her to the life of drugs, instead of the life of security, love and most importantly…self respect.

As her life unfolded, so did she. She begun to make, more and more bad choices…having kids with different guys, doing heavy drugs, more and more. Losing all hope for herself and her kids. She then was getting beat by all men she had encounters with, made to do sexual things with other men to support her drug habit. Getting less and less involved with her kids and more involved with her biggest concern in life…Drugs!

At this point in her life,  things are starting to worsen. She then starts to abandoned her kids everyday. Leaving her kids to fend for themselves at the ages of 4 and younger.

To be Continued;

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Confused Interest Cont;

ImageWith so many disappointments in her life…she knew (or hoped) things will get better…especially with her casual choices. Now as her life continues to bring her hard lessons, she continues to drop her books in the school of “Hard Knocks” and never picks them up. At this time…she is at “the point of no return”. So, she does what she vowed to herself not to…and that is… GIVE UP!

Guys..not Men continue to approach her with cruel intentions, while she responds with feelings of “maybe he’s the one”. Until one day a guy comes up to her…like the prince in frogs clothing. But she doesn’t know that because she is only hearing all the “right” things and not the “right” things with the “wrong” guy. He proceeds to tell her how beautiful she is and all the things he’ll do.

Now at this point she is feeling him and feeling herself more, so she goes with it and gives him her number. He calls a few days later asking if “he can come over” she feels disrespected at the time but she replies with a “yeah you can”. Now he has her where he wants her with all this game, but she chooses to put the uniform on and makes a touch down.


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Confused Interest

ImageAs I sit here at my computer thinking about a short story to post. I come up with different ideas, but the one I want to post is about a guy whom has “confused interest” in a woman he recently pursued.

Now this woman is a nice, sweet, caring person whom has been in a lot of casual situations with guys in her younger life. But now that she is older…she is more aware and sure of what she wants in a man and a relationship ( or so she thinks) .But with limited options and experiences that she faced, pretty much makes it hard for her to allow anyone in her circle of trust.

She has given the most unworthy guys worth that she herself didn’t have. So,  with all the bad experiences she still maintained hope. She all ways stayed to herself even though she had friends, but somewhere along the way she lost contact with them. She knew that with her being withdrawn and quiet it would attract the wrong guys. And it did. A lot of them.

My Quote: Sometimes life gives you two options: losing yourself or losing someone else. Regardless of the situation, don’t lose yourself. Which I did.

And if I move forward…God will take my scars and turn them into stars. To be continued;

Again; leave comments, advice. etc

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A Guy Scorned with Careful Intentions

ImageAs I approached my computer to write this blog…I get a knock on the door and it’s a short guy with a drink in one hand and careful intentions in the other. I then open my door and ask…”What do you want” he then replies.. “I want to ask you a question” and I said “Ok” he then proceeds with a sip of his drink and says…”I want to be with you” and to my surprise I respond with…”why” and he responds with..”why not”

Now giving these circumstances that I have been dealt. I have never been interested in this guy in the least. I was the woman who just  always had small talk when we crossed paths. He always felt we had good conversations, which was true, but the conversation were in no way of interest.

So with that being said…I gave him a chance and things were going good in the beginning, but like they say…”The beginning is always a honeymoon stage” which I have found out to be true. As days and weeks go on I feel things are starting to digress in our journey to “relationship land”

As I further approach the situation…I feel more and more pushed back.

He then starts to talk about his baby moms and his ex wife, but more of his baby moms since they just ended a relationship…months before me. Now me being the kinda woman that I am…I listen. I see no harm in knowing about someones past relationship experiences being as though it will help you understand them as a person.

As I try to begin to understand his struggles I start to begin more and more of his need of complicating my mind.

The moral of this short story is…No matter the situation or person, always keep your ears open and your eyes even wider.


P.S  This is my first short story…so if you can, leave comments, advice etc.  below.  I love criticism…compliments get me no where.

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A Man Throws his Infant Baby off a Bridge

ImageShamsidden Abdur-Raheem, 24, was found guilty by a jury friday, after throwing his infant baby over a bridge, while still in her car seat.

For more info, visit

I am so tired of seeing and posting stories of malice against infants. If people can’t handle being a parent, then don’t have kids. Don’t open your scissors, if you’re not ready to cut and don’t plant a seed, if  you’re not ready for it to grow. Simple. Kids don’t ask to be here, but their idiotic parents irresponsible actions, cause them to be. And since that happens a lot, the kids are the ones that have to suffer through the storm of their parents. Not Fair.

God is not pleased with us, I’m telling y’all. While all this malice and sin is going on…People walking around making excuses and justifying their behavior. Smh or saying “I don’t know” Well, when judgement day comes you won’t be able to justify or make excuses for your behavior. It’s a one answer question, so you better get right or get left. The choice is yours and it’s obvious what direction most people choose to go.

I feel sorry for the innocent people(including myself) because we are caught in this world of hate and misguided individuals. God be with us all!!

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