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30159996“Damn, I’m going to be late for work!” Shanice said, as she took her last sip of her freshly made hazelnut coffee. ” “I wonder how I lost track of time?”
I had just enough time to finish my coffee and grab a glazed donut on my way out the door. I got in my Chrysler 300 and sped downtown to my office, where I work as an accountant.  I had only thirty minutes left before I got off work to go to Money Splash. I headed down south on King Street, exited Bobo Street, and made a right on Princeton Avenue.
I made it just in time–with one problem: the only other person there was Tasha. I have no problems with her, but since I’m f*****g her husband, Brandon, I stay far away from her as possible.
Tasha is 5’11” with pearly whites, and neck-length hair, that she wears in different styles. She’s dark skinned, but she puts on a ton of heavy make-up. One thing she does have is a bangin’ body. I met her boo thang through a co-worker.

To be continued…

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A Picture speaks 1,000 Words…

ImageSELF HATE: To hate ones self , culture, heritage  and what it stands for.

The national media’s distorted portrayal of Black America that amplifies the negative to the point that it distorts reality.

The mass media form for us our image of the world and essentially everything we know—or think we know—about events outside our own neighborhood or circle of acquaintances comes to us via our daily newspaper, our weekly news magazine, our radio, or our television.

The way in which the news is covered: which point of views are emphasized and which are played down; the phrasing of headlines; the choice of words, pictures, and illustrations—all of these things subliminally and yet profoundly affect the way in which we interpret what we see or hear. The media tell us which side of an issue that we should favor, forms our images of various groups of people. Even our images of ourselves is greatly influenced by what media shows us about our own group.

While there are differences in degree, however, most Blacks fail to realize that they are being manipulated and instead falls victims to the misinformation about themselves. Many African Americans literally develop a self contemptuous “anti Black” frame of thought that collectively attributes to Black disunity at a time when we need unity; it distracts us from solving real problems; increases self loathing at a time when we need to come together to face the complicity in our condition. It prevents the African-American community from forging the alliances within it needed to bring about real change.

Once we Black people have absorbed and understood the fact of the white controlled media, it is our inescapable responsibility to do whatever is necessary to break that control. We must shrink from nothing in combating this evil power that has fastened its deadly grip on our people and is injecting its lethal poison into our people’s minds and souls. If our race fails to destroy it, it certainly will destroy our race.

And further more. Even though these people in the picture above are people our young generation looks up to as influences,  doesn’t mean they are influential. They have money, yes but if they didn’t such SELF HATE would not occur, so with that said no matter the influences in our lives or our youths lives “OUR BLACK IS STILL BEAUTIFUL”

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