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“EveryThing Must GO”!

ImageWhen dating a guy, we unconsciously put ourselves on a “clearance” rack…thinking our value will go up, based off what we have on the “rack” …Guys are visual creatures, so yes, they are interested in a cheap sale. But men are interested in value and what they can profit from it. So when dating and trying to choose a potential mate…make sure he’s someone who can profit and gain and not someone who can devalue a cheap sale! Prices will ALWAYS change but your value of yourself, will NEVER! Raise your value, not your RACK!

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A Boyfriend is Simply A Man Who Hasn’t Chosen You YET –

ImageOK…. Why do so MANY miss the POINT of this STAT ? The point is that SINGLE is SINGLE and married is married. That’s the POINT. TOO MANY women do MARRIED things with SINGLE MEN…a BOYFRIEND is a single MAN and you are in the DECIDING, getting to know each other stage, which is FINE…but RECOGNIZE where you ARE and behave accordingly. The convenience part means that most men are REAL comfortable with consistent convenient SEX and feel no urgency to commit or enter into a covenant. There is nothing wrong with a BOYFRIEND, just stop acting like you’re his WIFE.

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