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You’re not competing with anyone but yourself.
A lot of things have changed over the years, as they would, because nothing stays the same forever. But as I log into my social media accounts everyday, I see inspirational quotes, random posts. relationship advice, and A LOT of competing, which to me seems like open house because you’re competing with each other, like sisters you’ve never wanted. Competing to me seems like a bad grade that’s a blow to your self-esteem.

You compete to be the best of them, but you’re not even  a member. To be happy with yourself in a world full of naysayers, don’t trust a female that calls everyone her best friend. Everybody’s in competition  in one way or the other, whether it be applying for the same job, playing on a sports team, or running a race… etc. etc. When you compete with others you’re incomplete, but when you compete with yourself you’re complete. It’s like taking a selfie and using the mirror effect, that’s twice your competition.  If you want to out due someone out due yourself and your past self.

AND with that said…

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Inspiration of the Day!

ImageToday’s Inspirational Gem: “It” is NOT YOU !! My sisters, NEVER LET YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES DEFINE WHO YOU ARE. Being broke, doesn’t mean that you are not RICH in resources. Being unemployed does NOT mean that you are not capable. Just because he treats your BADLY, doesn’t mean that you are not WORTHY of love and respect ! Just because you are alone, doesn’t mean that you’re not beautiful and desirable ! I see you going through IT, but IT is not YOU. No matter what your circumstances, the beauty, the Greatness…the DIAMOND…who you were created to be…IS WHO YOU ARE…now LIVE IT, BE IT..DO IT ! The “Promise”…you know what God promised – Miss More Roses

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