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30159996“Damn, I’m going to be late for work!” Shanice said, as she took her last sip of her freshly made hazelnut coffee. ” “I wonder how I lost track of time?”
I had just enough time to finish my coffee and grab a glazed donut on my way out the door. I got in my Chrysler 300 and sped downtown to my office, where I work as an accountant.  I had only thirty minutes left before I got off work to go to Money Splash. I headed down south on King Street, exited Bobo Street, and made a right on Princeton Avenue.
I made it just in time–with one problem: the only other person there was Tasha. I have no problems with her, but since I’m f*****g her husband, Brandon, I stay far away from her as possible.
Tasha is 5’11” with pearly whites, and neck-length hair, that she wears in different styles. She’s dark skinned, but she puts on a ton of heavy make-up. One thing she does have is a bangin’ body. I met her boo thang through a co-worker.

To be continued…

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You’re not competing with anyone but yourself.
A lot of things have changed over the years, as they would, because nothing stays the same forever. But as I log into my social media accounts everyday, I see inspirational quotes, random posts. relationship advice, and A LOT of competing, which to me seems like open house because you’re competing with each other, like sisters you’ve never wanted. Competing to me seems like a bad grade that’s a blow to your self-esteem.

You compete to be the best of them, but you’re not even  a member. To be happy with yourself in a world full of naysayers, don’t trust a female that calls everyone her best friend. Everybody’s in competition  in one way or the other, whether it be applying for the same job, playing on a sports team, or running a race… etc. etc. When you compete with others you’re incomplete, but when you compete with yourself you’re complete. It’s like taking a selfie and using the mirror effect, that’s twice your competition.  If you want to out due someone out due yourself and your past self.

AND with that said…

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